imzml2isa-qt is available on PyPI, so if pip is installed on your machine, installing mzml2isa should be quite straightforward, without the need to worry about dependencies. It is also possible to install mzml2isa development version directly from the imzml2isa-qt GitHub repository.


imzml2isa-qt is a Python3 program only !


Windows users can either install imzml2isa-qt as described below or use a ‘ready to go’ Windows executable (no python install required). The executables be found on the imzml2isa-qt Github release section. See file imzml2isa_gui.exe.



Without pip you’ll have to install the requirements yourself, otherwise running will fail when trying to import nmrml2isa for the first time.


the parsing library (see here)
the GUI toolkit used by nmrml2isa-qt (see here for more information about PyQt)

PyPI (stable version) PyPI version

With pip

Just run one of the following commands in a terminal:

pip install imzml2isa-qt        # install on the machine, needs super-user rights
pip install imzml2isa-qt --user # install only for the current user, no rights needed

Without pip

This requires the python setuptools module to be installed, as well as the dependencies listed above. Download the latest stable release from the PyPI repository, unpack it and install it by running the following commands:

tar xf imzml2isa-qt-xx.yy.zz.tar.gz # replace with whatever version you downloaded
cd imzml2isa-qt-xx.yy.zz.tar.gz
python install             # will require super-user rights

GitHub (development version)

With pip

pip install git+git://

Without pip

git clone
cd imzml2isa-qt
python install